The French aid will go to work by bike

The government of François Hollande has received the green light from the National Assembly in its ambitious Energy Transition Tuesday, something like the new Barcelona’s law about electric bycicles. In the outline of the law, which foresees halving energy consumption by 2050 and make France the European champion of ecology, have added new measures of symbolism. Among them, make it easier for companies to remit money to their employees to use the bike to go to work, at 25 cents a mile, approximately, but not yet priced.

Suport for bikes in France
Support for bikes in France


In return, these companies will be reduced social contributions. Companies over a hundred employees will have to submit a plan to promote public transport, car sharing or cycling. Plastic bags single use shall be prohibited from January 2016, but the cutlery and crockery of the same material from 2020.
Promoting cycling has become in France, and more specifically in Paris, a priority. The capital reserve provides growing space to park your two-wheeler and companies-workers- will take advantage if its use promoted. Transport, responsible for 27% of the emission of greenhouse gases, will be much cleaner in a few years in France thanks to the Energy Transition Act which launched Ecology Minister Segolene Royal.

In addition to the seven million outlets will be installed (there are now only 10,000) in 2030, individuals will benefit from a premium (that can reach 10,000 euros) if you change your diesel car for an electric one. The state fleet must be renewed with such vehicles at a rate of one in every two new buy and transport companies, one in ten.
The law, which was approved by a large majority in the Assembly (314 votes to 219), plans to increase renewable up involving 40% of the total, reducing the use of fossil fuels by 30% in fifteen years, renew buildings to save energy and reduce waste by half by 2025. in this last chapter the ban on plastic bags for single use is framed and, depending on demand from environmentalists Assembly, has also added veto crockery and cutlery from the same material. Royal, who was not in favor, has always accepted to enter into force in 2020. Also with an eye toward reducing waste, France plans to penalize up to 300,000 euros and two years imprisonment planned obsolescence. Most products should inform the consumer about their working lives. This, though, will live with the great French nuclear power, which is limited to the current level.

After several years of work on this issue, the Government has confirmed that French households spend too hot. To reduce the bill that entails, the law passed also provides significant support to the most modest to the so-called check-energy, to renovate buildings. The project is to increase the efficiency of buildings 500,000 each year from 2017. The intention is that all the buildings have been renovated in France 2050. A tax benefits aid and cheap loans to achieve this goal are added.
The Senate must now validate the law passed, but will do in a single reading and then the Assembly will give the green light by summary procedure. The main obstacle that critics see in this project is its cost: € 10,000 million in three years. Royal, however, says that the new green economy will create 100,000 new jobs and reduce energy bills.

The origin of Brompton´s brand

Like all major brands, the brand of Brompton hides a great story at its source. Its inventor was Britain’s Andrew Ritchie, a gardener by profession who decided in 1976 to start building a folding bike. After graduating from Cambridge in 1968, Andrew worked for a short time in computation, before becoming a landscape gardener and go door to door offering their services.

One Model of Brompton
One Model of Brompton

The British met an Australian accountant who was trying to build a factory to produce Bickerton folding bicycle. When the gardener saw the characteristics of this product, he told himself that he could improve it. The concept was not new, it already existed on the market several folding bicycles that were very successful for the need of people to transport bicycles in the city. However, trying to models made for mass consumption so the quality and usefulness seemed insufficient for many people, including Andrew Ritchie himself.

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Its objective was to design, develop a couple of prototypes, and sell the production rights to a company with enough experience to start production. Being a gardener lower middle class, could not finance his project, so he sought help from his friends. They supported him in his idea and together they founded the company “Brompton Bicyles” in honor of the famous London church, Sacred Heart of Mary, but that is popularly known as Brompton Oratory. Andrew was very religious and devout, and also from home could see the church so I wanted his new project bearing the name of the temple. Thus, he turned his room into a studio and started building the first prototypes. Despite the good start and have developed three prototypes, when he sought a manufacturer for design encountered many difficulties that prevented his dream came true and left their idea into a book for five years.

British manufacturers were wary of inventors and were not sure that there was a market for these bikes so they did not want to risk it. “I thought it was a terribly useful machine. Yes, I knew I could improve and all, but really wanted to go ahead with the project because it was a good product, “says the same Andrew at that time.

Five years later, Andrew reprized his invention. This time 30 friends helped to fund and build the first Brompton bicycles. In 1981 thirty units were ready for their first owners. Thereafter demand no longer yield.

The design, a unique model with a curved main tube that makes it unique and allows its folded by a hinge, was well received among cyclists who began to turn it into a cult. Today the brand is one of the few companies that still factory bike this vehicle in the UK.


Brompton, a brand based in Barcelona

One of the great benefits of Brompton Bicycle brand, coupled with their sizes and volumes are not very large, is that they are foldable, this means that the bike can be transported easily by folding parts of your design. Being in semifolded position can be easily mobilized in this position with a cart with wheels bicycle brings in the pack when you buy, if available bicycle rear case, this alternative is the simplest.

Bompton Bicycle
Bompton Bicycle

The Brompton bicycle contains a standard plastic wheels if you, in case you need to change it to flow better quality, you ought to change. The quality of these compact folding bicycles, lets you save them under the computer desk in a stairwell or in a closet. For example, if you go to the gym daily and it has lockers for storing personal belongings, probably Brompton Bicycle brand fits in it.

Circulate on a bicycle Brompom Barcelona is entertaining and offers advantages: it makes perfect, offers great stability and the gearbox adapts to most urban trips in this city.

The bikes feature fender Bromptom preventing you wet when you ride on a puddle of water or wet conditions. All parts and components of the Brompton bikes are of high quality. No matter how long you have used, following good maintenance frequently, it´s rare that these bikes have some breakage, slack or loose parts. They are very strong and durable models.

The Bromptom stores put at your disposal a line of accessories that have been specifically targeted for their bikes. It contains porters, electricity and various travel bags to carry on the front, which can be used also as backpacks or briefcases independent.

This brand of bike has definitely settled in our domestic market as one of the most bikes sold throughout the year, especially in the city of Barcelona, where the use of this transport is quite usual.

One model of Brompton
One model of Brompton